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Technology and Patents, Research and Development (R&D)

Technological progress and the development of innovative products contribute critically to economic growth, both in Germany and internationally. Of importance for small and medium-sized technology companies in particular is often the close cooperation with public or private research facilities and other companies.

Just as important as research is the effective protection of operational know-how against imitators, for example through the registration of appropriate industrial property rights. In Germany this can be done through patents and also through Utility Models. The German Utility Model offers an alternative to the patent and can protect innovative products which may not be suitable for patent protection.

Sensitive business information should also be safeguarded through contracts specifically based on the relevant sections of German law. This is of particular importance if company secrets are to be disclosed to a business partner within the framework of a cooperation agreement. The partners in a research project should agree at the beginning concerning who should be allocated the joint results of the work, how any subsequent marketing should be carried out and finally, how the project will be wound down should it fail. If either partner is based in Germany, it makes sense to consult a firm such as ours with in-depth knowledge of the important German regulations.

We advise and support technology companies and research facilities during prototype development and testing, from the beginning of a project up to the time of production and market launch. For intellectual property right applications, we cooperate with the noted patent law firm Gulde, Hengelhaupt, Ziebig & Schneider.


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