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Private Equity

Besides stock exchange trading, investing in upcoming or conventional, promising businesses in the form of supplying off-the-exchange capital or – Private Equity – is one frequent option which investors choose. In 2013 4.68 Billion Euro were invested in Germany, mainly in the branches industrial products (38%), communication technology and contents (14%), PC and entertainment electronics (12%) and Life Science (10%).

Especially, upcoming, innovative businesses – Start Ups (link einfügen)- are often in need of loan capital to reach their goals. It is not unusual that this loan capital is provided by private equity funds or venture capital funds. It is by nature that those investments in Start-Ups inherit a higher default risk than those into conventional businesses, but for sure they do offer distinctly higher returns due to their larger growth potentials.

Ensuring in advance that the legal side of these transactions is sufficiently secure is of utmost importance for sustaining the loan capital and thus for both sides of the transaction, entrepreneur and investor.


Dr. Kay Wagner
Dr. Claas Oehler
Fabian Laucken