Notary of the IHDE & Partner Law Firm

Welcome to our Notary Office

Notaries in Germany fulfill a very different function than notary publics in America or the UK. Although in Germany notaries are a public office, they are self-employed and not government employees. In Berlin only highly qualified lawyers with a long standing practice may pursue a special education and become Notaries. German notary duties are more involved as well, and notaries are required for contracts to buy and sell real estate, as well as for many aspects of forming and restructuring companies and for mergers and acquisitions.


Our goal is to carry out the reliability and impartiality required of the office of Notary with a modern service ethic to fulfill your certification and procedural needs with expert legal skills.


The main areas of our office are property law and commercial and corporate law. For examples of our Notary activities see our practice areas.


Please contact us if you have any further questions.