Notary’s Tasks

1. Real Estate Law

  • Purchase agreements for real estate
  • Purchase agreements for apartment, residential property and other items of real estate
  • Condominium declarations in accordance with the German Condominium Act (WEG)
  • Property developer contracts
  • Heritable building rights contracts
  • Creation and deletion of charges on real property (land charges, mortgages etc.)

2. Company Law

  • Establishment of corporations (GmbH [limited liability companies], AG [public limited companies] KGaA [partnerships limited by shares]) and foundations, takeover of shelf companies
  • Changes to articles of association, increases and reductions of share capital
  • M & A, purchasing and assignment of company shares, participations through capital increases
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Agreements on profit sharing between two companies (domination and profit transfer)
  • Contracts in accordance with the Transformation of Companies Act (mergers, splitting, demergers, changes in legal form)
  • Real estate and investment companies
  • Registration of partnerships (OHG [general partnerships], KG [limited partnerships], GmbH & Co KG [limited partnerships with a limited liability company as general partner], AG & Co. KG [limited partnerships with a public limited company as a general partner])

3. Family and Inheritance Law

  • Wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Accelerated inheritance, contracts of donation
  • Marriage contracts, contracts in accordance with the Civil Partnership Act
  • Durable power of attorney for healthcare/living wills.


4. Avoidance of Disputes, Arbitration, Administration in a Fiduciary Capacity

  • Estate disputes
  • Enforceable deeds (in particular acknowledgement with submission to execution)
  • Payment of money and securities into notary trust accounts
  • Priority negotiations, escrow

5. Services associated with Notarization

  • Inspection of the land registry (also online in Berlin, for example)
  • Inspection of the commercial register (also online)